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Many people believe that you need to have vast sums of money to enter the world of property, but this is far from the case. Specialising in ‘no money down’ structured deals, I’m on a mission to reach out to as many people as possible to help hopeful investors achieve their goals on their own property investment journeys, as well as showing people that they don’t need to spend their own money to become a property investor.

Motiul at an event
Moitul speaking

“With a passion for sharing my knowledge, I always look to include humour in my talks and strive to have a smile on both my face and my audience’s. If you’d like to discuss a speaking opportunity or are looking for further information, please fill in my contact form to arrange for a consultation.”

Property investor and public speaker from London’s East End


Motiul Islam is one of the most positive and enthusiastic property people you will meet and has the largest smile.

Des Taylor

Welcome! I’m Motiul Islam, a property investor and public speaker from the East End of London with over 18 years of industry experience. Having started my property investment journey at just 19 years old while at university, I managed to build up a multimillion-pound property portfolio – without spending any of my own money.

Public Speaking

I speak about a wide range of topics within the world of property investing.

My specialty topics include:

  • ‘No money down’ deals
  • Structured deals
  • Creative strategies
  • Lease options
  • Money mindset
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