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Having been a property investor for over 18 years, I’ve worked on countless projects across my investment journey. Here is a small selection of the deals I’ve undertaken:

1. Lease Option Deal

This project involved an 11-bedroom house of multiple occupancy (HMO), with all bedrooms boasting ensuites.


The vendor had fallen behind on their mortgage due to the property being mismanaged. The property was in poor condition, with water damage on the lower ground floor. What’s more, the vendor owed the bank a whopping £345,000, and also had other unsecured debt. They had it on the market with an asking price of £420,000.


The vendor agreed to sell the property to me for £350,000 via a lease option deal. The deal was secured using a £1 option fee with a term of seven years. During this term, I would pay the monthly mortgage, as well as an additional amount each month to cover the vendor’s unsecured debt, with this additional amount being deductible from the purchase price at the end of the term. I would also be responsible for managing and maintaining the property during this period.

At the end of the term, the vendor agreed to purchase the property back at a price of £370,000.

2. Title Split Deal

This project involved a property that, prior to the year 2000, had been converted into four flats – two one-bedroom and two two-bedroom – with planning and building control sign off.


While the building had been converted into four separate flats, it was held on one freehold title, so the individual residences couldn’t be sold separately. As a result, it couldn’t be sold to first-time buyers, home movers or buy-to-let investors – it only had commercial value.


I purchased the property for £380,000. I then split the title by creating four separate leases, one for each flat.

For this project, in addition to the purchase cost, I spent £11,400 on Stamp Duty, £1,500 on conveyancing fees, £3,000 on surveys, £1,200 on lease plans, £3,200 on getting the new leases and £1,700 on miscellaneous costs. In total, the project cost me £402,000.

However, after splitting the titles, the value was £150,000 each for the one-bedroom flats and £180,000 each for the two-bedroom flats, meaning a total value of £660,000.

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